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How to choose the linen blended fabric

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General in the home room, the curtains are a good decoration, generally nice curtain can make the whole Home Furnishing loop mirror more comfortable and pleasant, the curtain is not only separated by the privacy, the curtain now more features are decorated with privacy features together, now more popular double curtains, with a look.
How to choose double curtains?
1, the restaurant decoration feel a layer of gauze is enough, unless the restaurant may face a particularly strong sunlight, then only need to select a layer of cloth.
2, study decoration effect diagram: according to insolation degree, a layer of curtain can. What room needs double curtains?
That's in this room. You need some sunshine sometimes, but you don't want to be too strong. Sometimes you need absolute privacy.
3, some businesses will advise you have 3 layers of curtains: add a layer of shade on the surface of your curtain inside with shading coating, the other curtain is not very practical, in fact, 2 layer can, a layer of shading cloth with a layer of yarn (because now the shading cloth shading performance is very good, no need to spend a layer of money)
Selection skills of double curtain
Double curtain hanging method
One, straight type,This is the most simple, but even if you don't know, ordinary people can hang it up in a short time, you only need to do a series of simple steps, such as piercing, lantern ring, and so on.

Two, fold type,Hang this way has two different types, which can use a single, can also use the double layer structure, the curtain is like a layer of fold, looks quite complex, the monolayer can give people a vague feeling that there is a special kind of beauty, but also reduce the temperature double the loss function and gas retention.
Selection skills of double curtain
Three, the curtain hanging curtains
This hanging method is characterized by more decorations, in the curtain on the edge of pendants and other decorations, the whole curtain according to different changes can be opened, fan table, W, letters, etc., there are more complex patterns and styles.
Four, Rome curtain
This hanging method has a strong sense of three-dimensional, looks more natural, but also according to different seasons to adjust, but this complex hanging method is also relatively high cost.
Five, decorative curtain curtains
This method is also relatively simple, do not need to use the pulley, it is easy to pull the switch, but this hanging method is more suitable for small windows.